Available Workshops

Discover The Art Of Pairing Perfumes

When: 1st October, 2022 Time: 4-5 pm | Where: Zoom

Learn the unique art of pairing fragrances. Use your creativity for a new way of self-expression in this fun and exciting online masterclass by Perfumer Rajiv Sheth. *Registration Closed


This workshop introduces you to the art of perfume creation using 14 fundamental aromas or facets, and enables you to compose a fragrance that reflects your own personality.


Discover the historic accords, which have become a part of the modern-day perfume formulation.

Fragrance Creation Workshop & Accords For Fragrance Creation (FCW14 + AFC5)

The fragrance creation course (FCW14) is dedicated to the creation of a perfume using 14 fundamental facets. The add-on course, Accords for fragrance creation (AFC5) will focus on how to create a modern twist of historical and complex accords (in addition to the fundamental facets from the first course).