You have no doubt dreamt or privately wished to have your own personal fragrance. One that is unique & exclusively you. The scents and smells that will remind you of your fond memories, of people, places and things which attract you. A scent that is “you”, one which will distinguish you from all others.

With our self-learning online masterclass, an interactive approach, with pre-recorded videos, instruction and guidance, quizzes, and a learn as you go,  at your own pace, in your own time approach anyone can gain skills and transform their dream into a reality. Our Perfumer will step by step, guide and explain to you the creation of a good perfume. 

It consists of the “Top Note” (first impression), Middle Note (heart note), and Base Note (long lasting). He will explain the classifications of the large families of scents along with their typical components or aromas which are called ‘facets’. Then, he will conclude by describing the basic principles of creating a harmonious, balanced and well-rounded formula.

It is within this framework, based on these skills, on your creativity, and on your personal taste that you become capable of giving complete freedom to your imagination & will create your own unique fragrance, for woman, man or unisex.

Suitable for everyone, from beginners to experienced perfume makers. Professionals not familiar with perfume, perfume enthusiasts, students exploring an opportunity in perfumery, and for individuals or groups. This could also be a fun idea for corporate and team building activities, at weddings, social events or aa a unique gift to someone. 

A certificate will be emailed on completion of the course.

Workshop Curriculum

  • Access to online learnings, resources and instructions

  • Explanation of perfume composition, from raw materials to creation

  • How to smell & Practical tips

  • Application of notions of top – middle – base notes

  • Online video presentation of selected 14 olfactory facets (out of 19 total facets) * in a perfume

  • Quizzes

  • Composing a perfume formula using the facets

  • Make your own perfumes

  • Evaluate your creation

  • Certification on completion 

Watch Intro Video

Introduction Video

Accord for Fragrance Creation (AFC5)

Accords For Fragrance Creation (AFC5) is sold as a separate add-on course. This add-on workshop is only available with the Fragrance Creation Workshop (FCW14) and not as a stand-alone workshop. It can be bought separately after finishing the Fragrance Creation Workshop (FCW14) or both can be bought together. For more details on the Accords For Fragrance Creation (AFC5) workshop click here.


This Fragrance Creation Workshop (FCW14) is dedicated to the creation of a perfume using 14 fundamental facets. An add-on workshop, Accords For Fragrance Creation (AFC5) will focus on how to create a modern twist of historical and complex accords (in addition to the fundamental facets of the FCW14 workshop).